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Domain Consulting

  • Dodd Frank, Energy Trading Risk Management
  • Market / Credit Risk
  • Business Intelligence Maturity Assesment

Information Services

  • Business Intelligence (Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive)
  • Big Data (Data at Rest / Data in Motion / Real time / Batch)
  • Business Process Automation, Cloud adoption
  • ETL / DQ / Data-warehousing

Commercial BI

  • BI Maturity assesment
  • Solution roadmap
  • Tool selection and Implementations
  • Ongoing support and services

Valprime has deployed solutions on Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft BI for Energy, Oil & Gas domains. We bring over 60 years of domain expertise. Trading, Risk, Scheduling, Settlements, Scheduling and Compliance are few or our core areas.

Our experience include developing Big Data solutions, Steaming analytics, Hadoop solutions, Dashboard, Predictive modeling and Machine Learning solutions. We offer domain based solutions combined with our technology expertise to help unlock value from your data. Our references include top companies in the Energy space

Big Data

Valprime team has rich experience of deploying big data solutions. We have helped many companies initiate their big data efforts. Our experience includes

Structured/unstructured data, Data at Rest/ Data in Motion, Batch/Real Time Processing, Audio/Video processing, In memory analytics and High performance computing, Complex Event Processing, Cloud and Hybrid solutions.

  • Strategy and Current Landscape
  • Problem selection
  • Proof of concept / Proof of value
  • Program / Project setup and execution
  • Production deployment and Ongoing support