About Valprime

Valprime is a boutique commodity trading risk management consultancy that provides a unique approach in servicing our clients. Whether we are providing  advisory services or software solutions, our goal is to provide the highest quality actionable business insight.

Actionable Intelligence

Valprime was founded in 2013 to provide business & technology services and solutions for our clients in commodity markets. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we offer expertise in valuation, risk management, trading analytics, business intelligence, and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) enhancements to our enterprise clients. Since our inception, Valprime has focused on providing our clients with actionable and comprehensive business intelligence solutions to their operational and financial challenges.

Commodity Trading

Risk Management


Tim Lathrop

Tim Lathrop


20+ year energy Industry SME for Energy Trading, Risk, Settlements and Compliance (including Title VII of Dodd Frank). Advisor for trading compliance and best practice implementation. Expert at identifying physical assets optimization plays, capital investment, trade book reconciliations

Deepak Chandwani

Deepak Chandwani


Energy Industry Technology Expert. Pioneered solutions for Big data (case study). Led closures of large deals with customers such as Schulmberger, CenterPoint Energy, NRG and GM. Achieved over 40 MM in Sales, acquired 40+ new logos in last 4 years.