Where Big Firm Insight Meets Small Firm Agility

Valprime’s Advisory practice is led by seasoned professionals with executive experience in major energy and consulting firms. We have served clients throughout North America.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide comprehensive business solutions to your operational and financial challenges.

Because of our experience, we offer our clients the quality of a larger firm with the nimbleness that comes from a smaller firm. Our goal is to provide an effective scalable solution. One size does not fit all.

Our areas of focus include:
  • Acquisition
  • Valuation
  • Reconciliation
  • Implementation
  • CTRM selection and enhancement
  • Risk Control
See Case Studies Below

Case Studies


Valprime was asked to assist a client with the $1.2 billion asset acquisition. We deployed a team to value the assets being acquired. Valprime did a full P/L and exposure assessment of the acquired contracts and assets. The acquired asset included Storage and Crude inventories. We created artifacts and documentation required by the auditors to validate the transaction. Once completed, we also assisted in folding the assets into the existing client portfolio structure.


Valprime was asked to provide a trade book valuation for a new energy start up. The client had acquired a large gas reserve in the northeast. Daily, the client needed to perform an independent valuation on the hedges employed to fulfill their banking requirements.  We deployed PrimeOne (our proprietary valuation engine) to model the portfolio and provide deep analytical insight.


Valprime was recently deployed to assist a client with a portfolio reconciliation. The client had an antiquated risk management system that did not perform accurate valuations based on the clients business model. Valprime developed and delivered a back end product that provided the client with a drill down capable solution that allowed for real portfolio performance analysis.


Valprime is currently consulting with an international client to select and implement a best in class Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) solution. Valprime will assist the client with asset modeling best practices and energy risk management risk policies and CTRM implementation.